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About Us

Imaginative "Pub grub" and drinks are the spcialty of Jason ha's newly remodeled, reconceived Zip Izaka-ya, tucked into the heart of the Arts Distict. The casual but intimate neighborhood home, surrounded by mural walls, is perfect since many of the plates are so beautiful they look as though they are ready to be framed, the artistic combination platter alone with rich ruby red and jade colors falshing among the superb slivers of fresh fish. Fittingly, the new streamlined decor features full-length gleamin glass window and contemporary sea landscape but outs swimming teh ceiling, along with adjoining art gallery featuring the work of local artist.

Inventive tapas-style Izakaya plates along with artfully-crafted Korean-inspired Asian fusion dishes are deftly created by experienced, dedicated Sushi Maker and Chef, Scott Han, at lunch and dinner. Made with only the freshest of ingredients year-around, Zip's wide variety of specialty fish, seafood and poultry plates continue to make the little dining room and cozy patio a community favorite since it first opened over a decade ago.

Iz-a-ka-ya refers to the historic and wildly popular type of casual Japanese drinking establishment for after-work

drinking, which also serves food to accompany the drinks. The name "Izakaya" is a compound word consisting of "I" (to stay) and "sakaya" (sake shop), showing that Izakaya originate from sake shops that allowed customers to sit at the premises to drink and have a "bite".
Angelenos put an entire new twist to the concept of Izakaya even though most who eat and love restaurants with Izakaya in the name, have never heard of its history. And instead of dining on a "few bites" with their drink, diners love to linger in the homey atmosphere with friends or family for so long that they wind up devouring a whole meal.


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